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Get More Flexibility With A Non-Qualified Mortgage Or Hard Money Loan

Low Competitive Rates.
Purchase or Refinance.

Not all home buyers are alike. If you’ve had difficulty qualifying for a traditional mortgage, we have a smart option: a nonqualified mortgage or Hard Money. A nonqualified mortgage can be a great choice if you do not meet traditional lending guidelines, opening up more options for you.

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You Could Qualify If You:

• Are self-employed
• No Tax Returns
• Have fluctuating or nontraditional incomes
• Have qualifying assets, but no income
• Low Credit Score
• Have a second home or investment properties
• Are a real estate investor

You Can Use A Non-Qualified Or Hard Money Mortgage For:

• A new home purchase
• Second home or investment properties
• Rate and term refinances
• Cash-out refinances

We’ll work with you to determine the right mortgage option based on your personal financial goals. Call us today to explore the advantages of a nonqualified mortgage. It could be the right fit for you!